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College in the High School

If you're an academically motivated high school sophomore, junior or senior, you may be interested in getting college credit for your high school classes, without ever leaving the high school campus. College in the High School (CHS) gives you the opportunity to do just that!

Steps to Apply for College in the High School

What is the College in the High School (CHS) Program?

Skagit Valley College's “College in the High School” program is a cooperative program between local school districts and SVC. The program allows high school students the opportunity to earn SVC college credit while simultaneously earning their high school credit in approved high school courses. The courses are taught by qualifying high school teachers who work closely with SVC faculty mentors to ensure that the course objectives and pedagogical techniques are consistent with those used in the equivalent course at SVC.

How Does the Student Benefit from the Program?

  • Students can maintain their high school experience while also earning credits towards their post-secondary goals.
  • Students can experience college-level work in a familiar environment.
  • The courses included in the program are those most often required in freshman coursework.
  • Upon successfully completing the course, credits are transcribed on the student’s college transcript, using the college course’s title and number, just as it appears in the college catalog.
  • Tuition charged for a College in the High School course is around 50% less than that charged when traditionally enrolling in the same course at SVC.

The cost for a 5-credit College in the High School course is $210 ($42/credit). The cost for the same course when traditionally enrolling at SVC can be as much as $600 for a Washington state resident, not including textbooks. This is a significant savings to the student!

What College in the High School courses are available?

Currently Skagit Valley College (SVC) has three schools participating in the CHS program for the 2016/2017 academic year. To see what classes are available at your school, click the links below:

Request Information

For more information, contact:

Donovan Tate
Recruitment and Dual Credit Specialist
[email protected]
Lewis Hall L-101-CSS2