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 Course Title:   Spanish VI: D

 Title Abbreviation:   SPANISH VI: D

 Department:    SPAN&

 Course #:    223

 Credits:    5

 Variable:     No

 IUs:    5

 CIP:    160101

 EPC:    n/a

 REV:    2021

 Course Description  

Continuation of Spanish 222 with emphasis on expanded vocabulary, continuing practice with all grammatical tenses and structures, continuing complexity of reading and conversation, and understanding of Spanish culture in general.


Prerequisite: SPAN& 222 with a "C" or higher or instructor permission.

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Contact Hours (based on 11 week quarter)

Lecture: 55

Lab: 0

Other: 0

Systems: 0

Clinical: 0

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Academic Humanities  

Equivalencies At Other Institutions

Other Institution Equivalencies Table
Institution Course # Remarks
CWU 253
U of W 203
WSU 203
WWU 203

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate some in-depth understanding and appreciation of the Spanish culture.
  2. Sustain a more complicated conversation on contemporary issues and topics in Spanish-speaking countries.
  3. Read intermediate Spanish and be able to interpret it correctly without word-for-word English translation.
  4. Understand material presented orally and be able to respond appropriately.
  5. Construct grammatically correct sentences orally or in written Spanish.
  6. Increasingly demonstrate a significant understanding of Spanish and Latin American cultural traits.
  7. Increasingly demonstrate understanding and empathetic respect for the multiple races, social classes, and varied backgrounds of people from Spain and Latin America.
  8. Increasing understand the historical, social, and political influences on the cultural questions raised while they are acquiring the Spanish language.
  9. Increasing demonstrate the ability to use language and behaviors that are appropriate in social situations with native speakers, either in class or with Hispanic people in the community.

General Education Learning Values & Outcomes

Revised August 2018 and affects outlines for 2019 and later.


Definition: Interact with humans and the environment informed by an understanding of equity.

Course Contents

  1. Vocabulary: for discussing work and finance, technology, science, sports, leisure time, and the future.
  2. Grammar: part participles, time expressions, prepositions, transitional expressions, the perfect tenses, and uses of the infinitive. May include the passive voice, negative and indefinite expressions, and the difference between the indicative and subjunctive moods.
  3. Culture: Internet help to the indigenous farmer, the Lost City, and Buenos Aires. And may include Spain: the new wave of immigrants