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Safety, Security & Parking

A Safe Place to Work and Learn

SVC is an inherently safe college campus; however, it is subject to many of the same problems that occur in the community. The following information is intended to make you aware of what safety measures are available to you.

The Mount Vernon SECURITY OFFICE has Campus Security personnel on duty seven days a week. The college has three full-time and several part-time security officers. Security personnel patrol the campus regularly and can be reached via their cellular phone at 416-7777. Each of the student parking lots is equipped with an emergency radio call-box.
Campus Security provides assistance with:

  • Locking/unlocking buildings
  • Dead batteries
  • Nighttime escorts to and from parking lots upon request
  • Parking assistance at start of quarter
  • Parking regulations and enforcement
  • Enforcing smoking policies
  • Enforcing skateboard and bicycle policies
  • Coordinating emergency contacts as indicated
  • The overall security of the campus

On the Whidbey Island Campus, San Juan Center, South Whidbey Center or Marine Technology Center security service can be reached at 360-770-5393 or 360-679-5331.

Annual Security Report & Campus View Village Fire Report 2014–15

SVC Incident Report Forms:

Code of Student Conduct: Incident Report
Code of Student Conduct: Student Life at Skagit Valley College is charged with upholding the Code of Student Conduct, which identifies behavioral expectations for all students on and off campus (SVC sponsored events and Homestay). If you have knowledge of an SVC student violating the Code of Student Conduct, you are encouraged to notify our office of the incident in a timely fashion.

Campus Security: Incident Report
Campus Security is an important feature of Skagit Valley College. Campus Security is committed in providing a safe environment to learn, work and grow. When this is compromised, we strongly encourage the campus community to inform Campus Security. Use this form to report crimes, accidents, dangerous/suspicious activity and incidents deemed reportable.

Campus View Village: Incident Report
Campus View Village (CVV), the on-campus student housing program at Skagit Valley College, maintains a safe and inclusive atmosphere for all residents and guests. In addition to the SVC Code of Student Conduct, CVV upholds specific housing-related policies. If you are aware of any violation of the safety and security of CVV residents, you are encouraged to submit an incident report as soon as possible.

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