Skagit Valley College

Learning Communities Student Testimonials

What do students say about their Learning Community experiences?

"By combining course topics you get the 'bigger picture' and are able to sort of apply what we are learning better. By applying a subject or topic to another subject or topic you have to comprehend what you are learning and apply it to other things."
"If they had been separate, I would have know what and where, but not the why, and the why is always the most important question."
"This linked course was the most valuable college experience for me to date. The combination of classes provided me with a chance to fully digest the material being studied through the various projects and essays in the discipline, which I think have generated a true and comprehensive understanding of ideas that I will take with me for the rest of my life."
"Before this learning community I never would have seen any possible connection. It has also been easier to learn these subjects because we apply what we learn in one class to the other class."
"You really get a thorough understanding of the material as you get two points of view and insights as well as different texts on the material"