Skagit Valley College

Spotlight on Learning Communities

January 2015 - Simon Marks-Franks

Photo of student Simon Marks-Franks.

"Synthesis, this is a prime directive of Learning Communities at Skagit and the combinations of Global Issues and Public Speaking follows this framework. However, the synthesis of Global Issues and Public Speaking transcended simple academic course synthesis, as it entered into a place that was unknown and unexpected to both teachers and students alike.

In Fall Quarter, I enrolled in a learning community simply thinking it would fulfill set of requirements for my Academic transfer degree. I couldn’t have been more narrow-minded. The integration of Global Issues, which targeted outward human conflict — coupled with Public Speaking, which targets an internal human conflict — created a learning medium that was emotionally charged and philosophically based. The classes came together to touch on the issues of the human condition, as well as the effects of that condition on our modern planet.

This is the beauty and academic power of Learning Communities at SVC. They bring a group of strangers together and truly and honestly create a community of learning."

Simon Marks-Franks, Mount Vernon Campus Student