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Student Life: Conduct Process

Student Services addresses student success in many ways: For example mediating student concerns or grievance, adjudicating student behavior referrals and developing student leaders through campus involvement and shared governance. For student grievances, Student Services ensures that students have a supportive environment and a fair process for resolving grievances with faculty, staff, and administration. For student behavior, Student Life promotes student success by upholding College standards (Code of Student Conduct and College Policies) on one hand and holding students accountable for their actions on the other.

SVC Incident Report Forms

Code of Student Conduct: Incident Report

Code of Student Conduct: Student Life at Skagit Valley College is charged with upholding the Code of Student Conduct, which identifies behavioral expectations for all students on and off campus (SVC sponsored events and Homestay). If you have knowledge of an SVC student violating the Code of Student Conduct, you are encouraged to notify our office of the incident in a timely fashion.

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Campus Security: Incident Report

Campus Security is an important feature of Skagit Valley College. Campus Security is committed in providing a safe environment to learn, work and grow. When this is compromised, we strongly encourage the campus community to inform Campus Security. Use this form to report crimes, accidents, dangerous/suspicious activity and incidents deemed reportable.

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Campus View Village: Incident Report

Campus View Village (CVV), the on-campus student housing program at Skagit Valley College, maintains a safe and inclusive atmosphere for all residents and guests. In addition to the SVC Code of Student Conduct, CVV upholds specific housing-related policies. If you are aware of any violation of the safety and security of CVV residents, you are encouraged to submit an incident report as soon as possible.

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Consultation, Assessment, Response and Education (CARE) Team: The SVC CARE Team works directly with students to find solutions to academic, social, and personal issues that may impact the potential for student success. To this end, SVC seeks to foster a climate of safety that requires the involvement of all college community members. To facilitate this process, the report has been provided to encourage faculty, staff, student and other community members to report observed behavior that warrants concerns for the safety and well-being of the community and or the safety of an individual.

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Contact Information

Cardinal Center, Room 50
Phone: 360.416.7611
General Inquiry Email: [email protected]

Campus View Village: Policy Violations

Campus View Village policy violations are handled by the Resident Director and may be considered violations of the SVC Student Code of Student Conduct.

Contact Information

Griffin Uchida