Skagit Valley College

Family Life

The Family Life (FL) program provides parents an opportunity to work with and observe their children in an educational setting. Technical assistance is provided to independently operated parent education cooperatives. Parents observe child behavior and practice skills and techniques useful in working with small groups of children.

Parents who complete Family Life coursework will be able to:

  • Understand basic concepts of child development.
  • Understand child behavior.
  • Demonstrate effective parent/child communication.
  • Demonstrate positive guidance techniques.
  • Gain confidence in parental roles as the child’s first and most im­portant teacher.
  • Actively engage in the child’s “formal” educational experiences.
  • Support the family’s home culture and development of positive self-esteem.
  • Access formal and informal resources to support healthy family development.
  • Develop leadership skills in planning, governance and adminis­tration of program activities.


Barbara A. Smith
Family Life Coordinator
(360) 416-6734

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