Skagit Valley College

Children on Campus Policy

In general, children are not permitted on campus unless they are directly supervised by a parent or responsible adult officially enrolled in classes, or directly involved in an instructional process. In no case, even if accompanied by a parent or other adult, are children permitted in classrooms, labs, shops, or any area where potential hazards exist, with the exception of children directly involved in the instructional process (e.g., Even Start).

Individuals who bring children to campus are responsible for their supervision at all times; leaving children unattended in public areas such as the student lounge or cafeteria does not meet this supervision standard. College officials will contact parents or other parties responsible for children left unattended on campus, and inform them that children must be properly supervised while on campus. Individuals who bring children to campus and refuse to abide by these guidelines will be referred to security or college officials and are subject to student discipline.